New Dawn: Live 1973

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"New Dawn: Live 1973" is a 2024 album credited to the Pat Smythe Quartet, released by British Progressive Jazz. The album consists of 8 tracks recorded in France on two separate occasions. The liner notes claim these recordings are in the public domain. The album features Pat Smythe on keyboards, Daryl Runswick on bass and John Marshall on drums, along with Allan on electric guitar.

Allan played frequently with Pat Smythe in the 70s in various constellations, including Runswick and Marshall, and he would dedicate the composition "54 Duncan Terrace" to Smythe.

The album features two tracks written by Allan: "Golden Lakes", which was initially recorded with Igginbottom in 1969, is here reinvented in a jazzier style. The same goes for "Floppy Hat", which was later released as an acoustic guitar piece on "Velvet Darkness". Holdsworth also received co-writer credit on "British Rail" along Smythe. Many years later Holdsworth would also revisit Pat's tune "New Dawn" as a solo SynthAxe piece on the rare "Tales From The Vault" album from 2016.

A limited edition compact disc is available at: