Propensity (album)

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"Propensity" is an album nominally credited to Danny Thompson, Allan Holdsworth and John Stevens, but for this discography referred to as a John Stevens album, as it belongs to the same category as other John Stevens releases: Spontaneous group improvisation. This was recorded on a session in 1978, and features Allan soloing on a 12-string acoustic on one track, and electric guitar on one track. It was released by Art Of Life Records in 2009.

John Stevens: Propensity (D)
Track title Composer Length
1 Jools Toon Composed By – Allan Holdsworth, Danny Thompson, John Stevens (2) 10:39
2 It Could Have Been Mono Composed By – Allan Holdsworth, Danny Thompson, John Stevens (2) 15:48

Presentation by Art Of Life Records

"Art of Life Records is pleased to present a previously unreleased recording by three legendary British musicians. Bassist Danny Thompson (Pentangle, John Martyn, Tubby Hayes, Bert Jansch, Richard Thompson), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (Igginbottom, Nucleus, Tempest, Soft Machine, Gong, Bruford, U.K., Tony Williams New Lifetime) and drummer John Stevens (Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Tubby Hayes, Derek Bailey). Recorded at Island Studios, St. Peter's Square, in London, England on September 4th & 5th, 1978, "Propensity" includes two extended length group improvised tracks which prominently feature guitarist Allan Holdsworth on electric guitar ("It Could Have Been Mono") as well as 12-string acoustic guitar ("Jools Toon"). Other than the brief track, "Gone Sailing", from the album "Bundles" by Soft Machine recorded in 1975, this is the only known recording of Holdsworth soloing on a 12-string acoustic guitar. Holdsworth can be heard soloing throughout 90% of both tracks except during a few brief bass and drum solos. All tracks have been professionally mastered using 24-bit digital technology."