A Repair Shop Sparked a Revolution: The Charvel/Jackson Story (Reverb 2021)

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A high point for Grover was working with Allan Holdsworth, a magnificent guitarist’s guitarist if ever there was such a creature. They’d met in London in 1982 as Grover took a detour on his way home from the trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, and then a few months later, Allan was in LA. Grover said he’d do whatever he could to help, the most obvious being to make him a guitar—but also at various times he felt like Allan’s roadie or his manager, and he let Allan, drummer Chad Wackerman, and bassist Jeff Berlin rehearse at the shop in Glendora. Much later, when Allan died in 2017, Grover found himself at the remembrance service, captivated by Steve Vai’s eulogy.

"Steve said Allan had told him that what was most important to him was to leave a body of work that was untouched, that was just him," Grover says. "Managers, producers, engineers—nobody had their finger on this body of work but him. In that moment, I realized that, right or wrong, there was an intention there. On the outside it may have looked incredibly wrong. Self-destructive, even. I mean, Allan was a guy who could have earned a very good living, and he seemed to deliberately try not do that. But he had a longterm vision, and that gave me a profound new respect for what he did. Ultimately, he stayed true to a purpose. And I can’t fault that."


Grover Jackson