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A few words from the creator of this website:

This website is dedicated to the genius of Allan Holdsworth. The site is a labor of love, pretty much all created by myself, but with a few helping hands along the way. The site has its roots in my collection of interviews that I scanned and transcribed myself, starting around the year 2000. It has gone through several iterations. In 2023, a kind donor offered to host the site and maintain it technically, thus taking a large burden off my shoulder.

The most important part of this site has been that it relies on Allan's own words. In building this site, I have naturally come to add a few words of my own. I hope the separation between Allan's words and mine are clear, and that it is clear when I offer my subjective opinion on any of the works presented here. If mine and Allan's voices have become intertwined, I apologize sincerely.

Allan himself passed away before the current incarnation of the website was born. I don't know if he was aware of the existence of any of the prior versions of it. I try my best to let Allan's voice speak. His words come from a multitude of published interviews. I take no responsibility for the truthfulness of anything he has said - I'm merely a conduit for statements he has made publicly. And I try to be faithful in bringing forward the statements he has made. I never knew Allan personally. I was fortunate enough to attend a handful of his concerts over the years, and shared a few words in passing with him. He was always incredibly gracious, even when I as a young fan said silly and stupid things. But to him, I was just another fanboy.

That leads me to the next important point: I do not speak on behalf of Allan. Nor do I speak on behalf of his estate, or his record company, or anyone else. I maintain the content on this site 100% independently. I do not get paid for anything on this site. On the contrary, I have spent endless hours digging up rare source material that for the most part is not commercially available anywhere, and I have paid for hosting for many years out of my own pocket. There is no advertising on the site, and it generates no income at all. I have received a few free CD's from record companies, that's all. When I have used materials from other websites, I have always tried to credit the source and give a link to it. I believe that this website is at heart an example of fair use.

I have been in touch with Allan's immediate family. I have made it clear to them that I would not continue this site if they had any objections to it. So far, they've been incredibly gracious, and I have received no complaints from them. I am eternally grateful to be on speaking terms with several of Allan's closest family members.

You will note that I have not signed any articles here with my own name. I do not want any attention drawn to my person, for a variety of reasons. This site is all about Allan. If you want to find out who I am, that is quite easy - there are plenty clues to be found. If you want to get in touch, the easiest way is to send a message to the Allan Holdsworth Archives on Facebook.

That's about it.

Kind regards, "The Admin".