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ALEX: What is your current setup and why did you choose it? Don’t you think that tubes produce a better sound with more feeling?

ALLAN: Let me answer the second part of the question ... No, I do not think so. I played with very surprising tube amplifiers. One of my favorites was the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. It is my favorite tube amplifier of all time. They are very beautiful. [Machine back translated.]

ALEX: When did you use it?

ALLAN: I've used it for years. I used the Boogie material for a long time, but I also played with really terrible, very bad, I mean, really bad tube amplifiers. Then I played with transistor amplifiers that sounded very good. I do not feel that the tubes are better just because someone tells me to use the tube amp or vice versa the one with transistors. Tube amps are not always better, but in some cases they are really great. I think that among all the tube amps I used the old Rectifier was my favorite ... You just had to insert the plug and it all sounded great! Exactly what I wanted to hear ... But they are very heavy to carry, so much that nobody has them. When Yamaha produced the DG series I immediately liked their sound. They were very similar. I could get a very similar sound with the advantage that I found them everywhere in the world ... I could call Italy, Spain, Germany ... everyone had them ... but now they don’t have them any more because they went out of production. Most of the times I'm on tour I ask to have something that I think is as generic as possible, like the two Marshall 4x12 and the two Fender twin reverbs, because many have them. [Machine back translated.]