Allan Holdsworth And Alan Pasqua Featuring Chad Wackerman And Jimmy Haslip

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This concert was recorded at Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland, California. The DVD appears to be currently out of print. Hudson Music offers a digital download. Take note that this is a different recording than the CD "Blues For Tony" by the same group.

Track Title Composer
1 The 5th Wackerman
2 Looking Glass Holdsworth
3 Fred Holdsworth
4 It Must Be Jazz Pasqua, Holdsworth, Wackerman, Haslip
5 Blues For Tony Pasqua
6 San Michele Pasqua
7 Pud Wud Holdsworth
8 Protocosmos Pasqua
9 Red Alert T. Newton

In the late 2000s, Allan toured with this group, that was billed as a tribute to Tony Williams. Holdsworth and Pasqua of course initially played together in Tony's New Lifetime band. The setlist includes three pieces from that era: "Fred", "Protocosmos" and "Red Alert". The rest of the repertoire consists of tunes by Holdsworth and Pasqua, as well one piece by Wackerman and a group improv.

The DVD label states that this was filmed Sept. 29th, 2006. However, we have it on good authority that the DVD contains takes from multiple dates. The band played a series of shows at Yoshi's, and their wardrobe was cleaned between every gig. This allowed the band to select from takes with the impression that it was a continuous concert. The giveaway is that if you study the audience closely, you can tell that it sometimes changes throughout. It is entirely possibly that not only were different takes of tunes were selected from each night, but that even solos from different takes were edited together. This is certainly the case when you listen to the "Proto Cosmos" CD that came out in 2022.