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On this section, I'll be crossposting material from the Allan Holdsworth Archives on Facebook in short form. This will typically include links to recently found articles, recently found YouTube videos, and other kinds of items of interest, small and large.

2024/02/09: Holdsworth/Pasqua in Malmö, Sweden, 2007. [Playlist]
2024/01/13: "Allan Holdsworth on working with Bill Bruford - Part 2"
2024/01/11: Reflections On The Road (Guitar Player 1984) By Jeff Berlin
2024/01/07: "U.K. Live in Philadelphia, 1978/08/08"
2024/01/07: "Allan Holdsworth IOU - Live @ Oddfellows Hall, Towson, MD, USA 1982-06-27" [Playlist]
2024/01/07: "Chad Wackerman's Experience Playing with Allan Holdsworth"
2024/01/06: "Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke) - 'Connections' Episode 001"
2023/12/16: "Allan Holdsworth on working with Bill Bruford - Part 1"
2023/12/16: "Bruford Live @ The Venue 8/5/79"
2023/12/16: Tony Newton feature in Guitar World.