California Weenie vs. Mr Terdley (Guitar Player 1993, Allan's response to letter)

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California Weenie Vs. Mr. Terdley

Guitar Player, November 1993

In Feedback, May '93, Wayne Terdley of Coffee Corner MD, complained of Allan Holdsworth:

"Holdsworth always says the same thing: 'Oh, I'm no good. I can't take this music biz anymore. I'm gonna have to find a real job' Poor baby. . . before you do another interview, chuck the piss- and-moan attitude and count your blessings you weenie." Holdsworth responded with the above headline and the following:

While 'tis true that I do moan a lot, 'tis also true that I get off my ass, get out there, get on with it, and have done so for the past 30 years, as well as doing countless day jobs. Were it not for the fact that I make my own records (with the help of some of the most wonderful musicians on the planet who generally work for jack cheese or less) there would not be any Allan Holdsworth albums. Perhaps if you'd get off yours and do the same, we could all look forward to hearing your music along with an awe-inspiring, eye-opening interview with the Coffee Corner wuss in Guitar Player. No offense.

Allan Holdsworth