Daryl Stuermer

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Harnessing momentum (Innerviews 2008)

When you played in Ponty's band, it was one of the rare occasions you shared the stage with another guitarist—in this case, with Daryl Stuermer. What was it like to share the lead guitar role?

It was alright. We're radically different, so it never turned into a war. A lot of times when you get two guitarists together it's like dueling banjos.

Stuermer told me he would watch you in awe and that it was a tremendous learning experience for him.

I was doing the same thing with him. I really thought Daryl was great. I had seen him play as part of Jean-Luc's band prior to my joining. It was a lot of fun to work with him. The fact that we're so dissimilar made it work together quite well.