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UPDATE, NOV 2023: This is a long overdue update about this book. Ed Chang has written the most comprehensive account of Allan's career. In large part it is based on existing sources that have been synthesized to create a musical biography, but it also includes some original research, such as Ed's own musical analysis. Originally published in his blog "Thread Of Lunacy", the current version of the book has been updated to include releases up to 2020. It exists in two editions: One e-book edition, and one print-on-demand edition. More info is found on Ed's original blog address:

Archived version of this article

For historical reasons, I leave the old version of this article below here, although it contains some out-of-date information.


UPDATE, JUL 5 2020: The Jazz in Britain edition of "Devil Take The Hindmost" has sold out, and Ed Chang has published an ebook edition by himself. You can read more about it at Ed's Facebook page.

"DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST – The Otherworldly Music of Allan Holdsworth", a book by Ed Chang, is now open for pre-orders worldwide!

"My book on Allan Holdsworth is available for pre-order. I think it’s really good and am very proud of it. It’s unique among music books in that it concentrates on the music of the artist rather than his personal life, but is not an “instructional book”. It’s more like a map of Allan's musical mind - and a portrait of his relationships with his many great collaborators." -Ed Chang.

The Allan Holdsworth Archives would like to add that Ed's book is based on his blog "Thread Of Lunacy", which to date is the best and most comprehensive work on Allan published. We are very much looking forward to reading this book. Order yours today!

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You might also consider ordering the album Warleigh Manor.

Publisher's promotional text

"Devil Takes The Hindmost represents the first publication dedicated to the career of the British pioneering guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth. Jazz In Britain have brought author Ed Chang’s celebrated website ‘A Thread of Lunacy – Appreciation and Analysis of the Otherworldly Music of Allan Holdsworth’ to the printed page, expanded and updated from the original blog, and featuring rarely seen pictures of Allan from throughout his illustrious life The book charts the ups-and-downs of Holdsworth’s musical path, and leads the reader through every recording Allan is known to have made with extraordinary attention to detail. The book also offers a detailed breakdown of his gear down the years, as well as the most complete discography yet assembled. Spanning 412 information-packed pages, it is an absolutely essential item for fans of Allan, British jazz, and guitar lovers worldwide." -Matt Parker, Editor, Jazz In Britain


Phil Howitt of Facelift Magazine has read an advance copy and gives his review here.