Future Of The Guitar (Guitar Player 1990)

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The Future Of The Guitar: Spreading styles and ideas

Guitar Player, January 1990

Matt Resnicoff

Things will probably keep getting more and more diverse. For a while there, the guitar was getting pretty seriously into the speed/metal thing, and there are so many other players outside that field who play incredibly. I'm just hoping that people will hear these other things, and it'll grow out again. Jazz is already going through those changes, where you get people who are coming out of a bebop thing and then doing something else, and then you get other guys who hear that and veer off. It's like what Scott Henderson was telling me once - he'd play some bebop lines to some of his students at school and they'd all say, "Yuck," and then he'd play the same lines with a distorted tone and they'd all say, "Yeah!" Part of it is just the appeal of the sound of the instrument, and as people start spreading styles and ideas around and taking it into different areas, it will just keep moving, and who knows where it's going to stop?