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Karl Jenkins was a keyboard and oboe player in Soft Machine during Allan's tenure with the band, and he also composed the bulk of material on "Bundles". He also appears with Allan on four other albums under the Soft Machine name. "BBC Radio 1971-1974" "Floating World Live", and "Switzerland 1974" were recorded live on tours for "Bundles". "Land Of Cockayne" was a de facto Karl Jenkins solo album, released under the Soft Machine name.

No Secrets (Facelift 1994)

"So they said then OK, this is what this tune is and then I'd play on a couple of the things. Then they asked me to do a couple of gigs with them as a guest, so I did that. And then after that they asked me join the band. I really had a lot of fun with that band - they were good times. They were all great guys - Kari Jenkins, Mike Ratledge, Roy Babbington, John Marshall. It was really good fun".

Sad scene say Softs (Melody Maker 1974)

Mike Ratledge has always been a somewhat jazz-tinged rock musician, right from the early days when the influence of Cecil Taylor could be heard strongly in his playing, when jazz was really a dirty word. On the other hand, Karl Jenkins served his apprenticeship in jazz bands like Nucleus.