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Allan Holdsworth interview (Music Maker 2003)

Any plans for instructional video’s or books for the future?

No, I mean there’s so many kinda bullshit bootleg books that were out there that were half way finished and half done and...The guys don’t pay you any money to do books, you know if somebody says uh ok, we’ll give you $1500.- to do a book, by the time it takes you to do a book, you’re broke. The last thing that I did was this thing called ‘Melody Chords For Guitar’, but it wasn’t my book, it was written by my father. And the whole idea was, I wanted to show people what I had been taught by my father. Not me, I didn’t write that book. My father did. So that’s why some of it’s funny. The way that he..explains notes know flat 10’s instead of sharp 9’s and whatever. His whole thing was different, he was coming from a different era you know, ‘cause we were a few generations apart. But the guy wouldn’t do it. It was supposed to be Melody Chords For Guitar by Sam Holdsworth edited by Allan Holdsworth. But he was a real, forgive the word, asshole about it and he wouldn’t do it. He just said no and I got into a war with him, like a legal battle with him, but...because of the way that the contract was, he kind of won. So it was really sad. I think I managed to get something in there about the fact that my dad dit it, it’s pretty obvious it’s not what I do now. What I was trying to show was what I’d been taught before. What I’m gonna try to do now is, now that I’ve got a computer is to write one over long period of time. So I don’t have to worry about it, I can do it in my spare time. And whenever I decide it’s there, Maybe sell it through my site.