Proto-Cosmos (live album)

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Proto-Cosmos is a live album by Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman. The album was released to streaming platforms on October 2022. According to our sources, the album was culled from recordings made during the filming of the DVD "Live At Yoshi's" in 2006. Some of the takes here are the same as the DVD, while others are previously unreleased. If you compare the DVD and this album, you will find that some tracks have in fact been spliced together from different solos.

Track listing

Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman: Proto-Cosmos (D) (YT)
# Title Composer Length
1 Protocosmos Pasqua 5:14
2 Blues For Tony Pasqua 9:26
3 Looking Glass Holdsworth 7:25
4 Solo Guitar (aka Pud Wud Intro) Holdsworth 2:06
5 Pud Wud Holdsworth 9:28
6 Piano Solo (aka San Michele Intro) Pasqua 3:18
7 San Michele Pasqua 10:12
8 It Must Be Jazz Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman 9:53
9 Red Alert Tony Newton 5:43

The following credits are taken from YouTube:

℗ 2022 Blue Canoe Records

Released on: 2022-10-14

Producer, Mixing Second Engineer: Jimmy Haslip
Producer: Alan Pasqua
Producer: Chad Wackerman
A And R Administrator: Joseph Patrick Moore
Recording Engineer: J.R. Taylor
Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer: Rich Breen

Hard copies are reported to be in the making as of October 2002.

YouTube playlist