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"The Unique Concert" is an album credited to Didier Lockwood, Gordon Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Aldo Romano and Jean-François Jenny-Clark, released on Oct 30, 2020, by Disques JMS. The recording stems from a concert on Nov 1, 1980, at the Paris Jazz Festival.

The lineup was once described by Allan himself as Didier Lockwood (violin) guesting with the Gordon Beck group, which seems an apt description. The lineup is the same as on Gordon's "Sunbird" album, with the addition of Lockwood. The album contains five tunes, as well as an additional audio interview with drummer Aldo Romano. Three of the tunes are by Gordon and also found on "Sunbird", while the other two are Lockwood's compositions. The lineup did a tour of France at the time of the recording. Allan and Didier later played together in the "Gathering Of Minds" supergroup at Montreux.

The album is available from the JMS webshop, in addition to some European Amazon shops and likely some other outlets.

Track listing

Lockwood etc.: The Unique Concert (D) (YT)
Track title Composer Length
1 Flight Beck 20:54
2 Zebulon Dance Lockwood 4:19
3 Fast Travel Lockwood 11:13
4 Halfway House Beck 10:27
5 Sunbird Beck 14:55
6 Interview D'Aldo Romano Romano 6:27


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