Tokyo Dream (video)

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Allan Holdsworth: Tokyo Dream. (Live in Japan 1984) This concert was broadcast on Japanese TV, and subsequently released on laserdisc by Comstock. The release was done without Allan's approval, and the laserdisc was pulled off the market. Bootleg copies are widely circulated.

In 2018, the soundtrack to this video got an authorized release on "Live In Japan 1984", and the first initial contains an authorized DVD version of the video.

Creating Imaginary Backdrops (Innerviews 1993)

We had a bootleg video out in Japan. I had a contract that said this could not be used. I actually have a contract and it just came out! The video just came out! It’s called Tokyo Dreams. What it was is we knew the cameras were going to be there, but we were supposed to be able to view it first. It was supposed to be completely up to us whether we wanted it used it or not. But of course that was not the truth. They lied and they put it out and it was done in a really sneaky way.