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Interview of Allan Holdsworth by Guitar Magazine (July 2001) Interview by TzTom Krihara (E.G.Q. - see at bottom of page )

Q: Did you change the members from last year?

A: I've been playing with these members for a few years in California. I played with Gary Husband on drums and Jimmy Johnson on bass last year. But this time Dave Carpenter on bass and Joel Taylor on drums.

Q: Have you recorded with this new trio?

A: No, but I'm going to do it, and I can't say when it's going to start because I don't make any contract with record companies. Recently I recorded a new solo album using only Synthaxe. I recorded it besides the band and itís almost finished,though recording the bass and mix the tracks aren't done. The album constitutes with Synthaxe and bass, no drums. Most numbers are like orchestra.

Q: So, can we hear the new album soon?

A: The album will be finish within a few months. But the release depends on record companies.

Q: About the Synthaxe, I saw you are using Roland VG-8 last time. Did you quit that?

A: Yes, I still use it sometimes.

Q: Please tell us about studio materials. What about computers?

A: I have old ATARI STACY. The format is the same with ATARI 1040, but its version is lower, laptop type. Itís really old one! About 20 years before.

Q: What about software?

A: Cubase.

Q: What do you use for sound module of Synthaxe?

A: I used to use Oberheim. I had Oberheim Matrix12 and Oberheim Expander. But I sold them all because Synthaxe went bunkrupt. So, I donít have so many synthesizers. Usually I use old YAMAHA DX7 and two TX816,five TX7 and YAMAHA VL70.

Q: What is your favorite album on your own, as a member and solo project?

A: First of all, the newest one. And others are solo albums; ìWardenclyffe towerîîI.O.U.îîAtavacronîîSandî and ìSecretsî.

Q: And you devote yourself on solo project after 80ís.

A: Yes. I've played at someoneís bands during 70ís, and it was fun in a sence. Especially Soft machine was good. But I was tired of it and I became want to make my own. Till then, I composed many numbers but I had no chance to show them. At that time I met Gary Husband(d), Paul Carmicheal(b) then I recorded ìI.O.Uî with them, solo debut work. I began the band work but it was tough, it was difficult to find someone who were interested in our album release. So, I decided to make the album by ourselves. We recorded and mixed it in two days, from midnight to early mornning. My second album was the same. It took only 3~4days for recording, but the cost was at my own. Nicolas powell from Virgin records rent us a recording studio but I had to sell my two guitars for mixing. After that I had a chance to play at the U.S., it was succesful compared with U.K. activity, then I decided to emigrate to the U.S. and I havenít go back to the U.K.

Q: Tell me about the story of Eddie Van Halen with you who admires you the most as a guitarist.

A: I met him at the band U.K. tour at the first time, I played with Van Halen when he was not so popular. He was a good guy, he treated me nicely. He helped me to contract Warner Brothers for ìRoad Gamesî. He pursuade the WBS. A problem was that the company didnít let me free. It was the big matter and I had a quarrel with them. It seems that all of ìRoad Gamesî were war. Therefore the album was not the work I intend.

Q: What have you been doing for a year?

A: I had a private problem and I didnít do so much about music. I did Europe tour with Gary Husband and Jimmy Johnson last year and we recorded after that. But I donít have any contract with record company and the material is not still finished. I have no maney to finish the work. Itís so sad. I welcome any Japanese company for money.

Q: We really want to hear the sound.

A: I think it is good job.

Q: Don't you join other musiciansí albums or session lately?

A: No. I had recorded with Andreas Marcelli three years ago, but itís also not completed. 90% was already recorded, mix and contract is the subject. There are many works in a such situation.

Q: Do you have any project from now on?

A: First of all, I want to finish the solo album and the work with Jimmy and Gary. Also, I want to make an album with Dave and Joel. And I want to finish the project with Andreas. So, I have four albums must be finished. Donít surprise if I release them at the same time!

E.G.Q. means Electric Guitar Quartet. All of them are Japanese studio Musicians. They play unique music and released 2CD's. You can buy their CD's at their website. ULR: http://www.studio.co.jp/EGQ/