Allan Holdsworth releases in 2020

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Allan Holdsworth releases (and related) in 2020


Every cloud has a silver lining: 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for fans of Allan’s music in terms of new releases. A concert from 1986, a private recording from the 70s, a rare appearance with PAZ, and not least an authoritative book on Allan’s music. Below follows a brief listing of the items. There are also a few related projects of special interest to Allan’s fans listed in a separate section.

Allan Holdsworth albums and books:

"Frankfurt '86" by Allan Holdsworth. A CD/DVD package of Allan’s concert at the Frankfurt jazz festival in 1986. The audio and video has been transferred from the original broadcast tapes. (May 29, 2020). More info: Frankfurt '86.

“Devil Take The Hindmost: The Otherworldly Music of Allan Holdsworth”. A book on Allan’s music by Ed Chang, based on his blog “Thread Of Lunacy”. More info: Devil Take The Hindmost (2020 Book).

“Warleigh Manor” by Holdsworth/Warleigh/Mathewson/Spring. An archival release of private recordings from the 70s. More info: Warleigh Manor.

“Live In London '81: The Ron Mathewson Tapes Vol. 2” by PAZ with The Singing Bowls of Tibet featuring Allan Holdsworth. A live performance in the studio, featuring Allan in a supporting role. More info: Live In London '81: The Ron Mathewson Tapes Vol. 2.

Allan Holdsworth related releases

“Music of our times” by Markus Reuter and Gary Husband. A recording of spontaneous music done in Japan after a tour was abruptly cancelled. Contains “White Horses”, dedicated to Allan. More info: "White Horses". See also this video: Gary Husband remembers Allan Holdsworth - White Horses.

“The Holdsworth Reinterpretations” by Sebastiaan Cornelissen. The album promises to treat a number of Allan’s compositions as jazz standards. (June 1, 2020). More info: The Holdsworth Reinterpretations on Bandcamp.