Reaching For The Uncommon Chord

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Reaching For The Uncommon Chord (1985). This book contains biographical text credited to Christopher Hoard and Allan Holdsworth, as well as transcriptions of several Holdsworth compositions by Fred Amendola. Buy it here.

Med Siktet Innställt På Total Kontroll (MusikerMagasinet 1996, Swedish language)

While waiting for Allan’s planned European Tour this spring, you can also listen to the Johansson brother’s (ex Malmsteen) album Heavy Machinery, where he’s a guest. Furthermore, we can also hear him on (keyboardist) Steve Hunt’s upcoming solo album. For those who want to study Allan’s technique closely, an instructional video is available. A couple of books have also been written, one called "The Uncommon Chord".

- Do not buy it to check out my music. It is mostly full of errors. However, the section included about beer is perfectly OK, he says, laughing gently.