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Here is draft for a Allan Holdsworth filmography of commercially released material. The actual entries for these items have not been standardized. As always on this site, the basis for the entries is what Allan himself had to say about them. And usually what he had to say about being filmed on stage was that he didn't like it. Allan did not appreciate live recordings at all. Knowing that his performance was being recorded only added to the pressure of performing. My impression is that film cameras only exacerbated the situation. The concert in Tokyo in 1984 was filmed according to a contract, but its release on Laserdisc was NOT approved by him. These experiences made him even more wary. In the cases of the later jazz festivals he appeared on, a TV production was often a stipulation of the contract, which he was more or less forced to accept. Do keep this in mind as you marvel at some of these performances. The filmography lists the films in order of release.

Artist Title Year Comments
Allan Holdsworth Tokyo Dream 1985 Laserdic release
Allan Holdsworth REH video 1992 Instructional video, VHS/DVD
Gary Husband Interplay and improvisation on the drums 1998 VHS
Allan Holdsworth Live At The Galaxy Theatre 2001 DVD release
Bruford Rock Goes To College 2006 DVD release
Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman Allan Holdsworth And Alan Pasqua Featuring Chad Wackerman And Jimmy Haslip 2007 DVD release
Soft Machine Switzerland 1974 2015 DVD release
Allan Holdsworth Live in Japan 1984 2018 CD/DVD package
Allan Holdsworth Frankfurt '86 2020 CD/DVD package
Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen '97 2021 CD/DVD package
Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen 2010 2021 CD/DVD package
Allan Holdsworth Warsaw Jazz Days '98 2019 CD/DVD package
Allan Holdsworth Jarasum 2014 2022 CD/DVD package

As a solo artist

Allan Holdsworth: Tokyo Dream. (Live in Japan 1984) This concert was broadcast on Japanese TV, and subsequently released on laserdisc by Comstock. The release was done without Allan's approval, and the laserdisc was pulled off the market. Bootleg copies are widely circulated. A DVD version was included in the initial pressing of "Live In Japan 1984".

Allan Holdsworth: REH video (1992). This is an instructional video originally released on VHS, featuring Allan performing several numbers with his band in the studio, as well as Allan talking about and demonstrating some musical concepts on his own. This video was rereleased on DVD by Alfred Music, and is still available.

Allan Holdsworth ‎– Live At The Galaxy Theatre (2001). This 2000 concert was released on DVD in 2001 by Gnarly Geezer in 2001.

Allan Holdsworth And Alan Pasqua Featuring Chad Wackerman And Jimmy Haslip (2007). This concert was recorded at Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland, California. The DVD appears to be currently out of print. Hudson Music offers a digital download. Take note that this is a different recording than the CD "Blues For Tony" by the same group.

As a band member or guest

Gary Husband - Interplay and improvisation on the drums (1998). This is an instructional video by Gary Husband, released by Rittor Music in 1998. It features Gary playing in several group constellations, along with musicians Mark King, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore, Paul Stacey, Steve Topping and Mick Hutton. Three of the tracks feature Allan. There is a version of "Where Is One", which features Gary, Allan and Paul Carmichael on bass. Allan also performs one song with Gary, Steve Topping, and bassist, Paul Carmichael, in addition to a "Duet Improvisation" with Gary.

Bruford - Rock Goes To College (2006)

Posthumous releases

After Allan's passing, Manifesto Records has released four live albums to date that feature a combined CD/DVD package. These are:

  • "Live in Tokyo 1984", which is an official release of the "Tokyo Dream" laserdisc
  • "Frankfurt '86", which is comes from a German TV broadcast.
  • "Leverkusen '97", which comes from a German TV broadcast.
  • "Warsaw Jazz Days '98", which comes from a Polish TV broadcast.
  • "Jarasum 2014", which comes from a professional recording of the 2014 Jarasum Jazz Festival in South Korea.

TV appearances

This list does not cover all of Allan's TV appearances at present. The list limits itself to officially and commercially released material. Allan has appeared on several TV shows, the earliest of which is possibly a performance of the tune British Rail from 1974, For material beyond this, please refer to the YouTube playlists: Allan Holdsworth YouTube Playlists