Live In Japan 1984 (album)

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"Live In Japan 1984" is a live album by Allan Holdsworth. The album was released posthumously in 2018, and is a CD/DVD package, approved by Allan's estate. The album contains the same video and audio as the previously released "Tokyo Dream" laserdisc, and the unauthorized 1997 release "I.O.U. Live". See those entries for more info. The video and audio has been remastered for the current release.

Judging from the sources, it appears that the video was shot in May 1984 for a TV broadcast in Japan. Subsequently, a company released the concert on the laserdisc format in 1984. Allan protested this release, as he claims it was a breach of contract. The laserdisc format soon disappeared, so the concert was officially out of print. However, it was heavily bootlegged and traded on audio and VHS tapes. In 1997, Pangea Music released a CD version, co-produced by singer Paul Williams. This created a considerable rift between Allan and Paul. Allan was able to pull the CD off the official market, and the concert was once again relegated to bootlegs.

After Allan's passing, Manifesto came to an agreement with Allan's estate to release the album officially. Whatever misgivings Allan himself may have had about it, the album displays Allan's talent to the full. Chad Wackerman had been recruited to the band for the Road Games album, while Jimmy Johnson had joined the band relatively recently. The band plays some tunes from "IOU", some from "Road Games", and some from the at the time unreleased "Metal Fatigue" album. Johnson in particular fits the band like a glove, and would remain one of Allan's bass players of choice for many years and many albums.

Regretfully, the intro to "Letters Of Marque" is missing from the master tape, but the performances, sound and video have aged extremely well.

Track listing

Allan Holdsworth: Live in Japan 1984 (D - S - F) (YT)
Track title Composer Length
1. Tokyo Dream Holdsworth 6:58
2. Road Games Holdsworth/Williams 4:25
3. White Line Holdsworth/Brown 7:02
4. Panic Station Holdsworth/Williams 4:11
5. Letters Of Marque Holdsworth 6:43
6. Home Holdsworth 5:42
7. Devil Take The Hindmost Holdsworth 5:27
8. Material Real Holdsworth/Williams 7:42
9. Metal Fatigue Holdsworth/Williams 5:03
10. Where Is One Holdsworth 8:00
11. The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) Holdsworth 7:28
12. Was There? Holdsworth/Williams 6:30

Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Jimmy Johnson: Bass
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Paul Williams: Vocals