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This is a list of releases with Allan as a solo artist. Take note that not all of these releases were authorized by Allan himself, and some of them were pulled from the market. Some albums also exist in multiple versions. The track listing for each entry contains an (S) which takes you back to this page.

Album artist Album name Year Comments
Allan Holdsworth Velvet Darkness [1] 1976 Unauthorized by Allan
Allan Holdsworth I.O.U. [2] 1982 Originally self-released by Allan.
Allan Holdsworth Road Games [3] 1983 Originally released on Warner Bros.
Allan Holdsworth Metal Fatigue [4] 1985
Allan Holdsworth Atavachron [5] 1986 Debut album of the SynthAxe
Allan Holdsworth Sand [6] 1987 Parts of the album were for the first time recorded at Allan's home studio.
Allan Holdsworth Secrets [7] 1989
Allan Holdsworth Wardenclyffe Tower [8] 1993 Heavily features Allan's custom baritone guitars.
Allan Holdsworth Wardenclyffe Tower +3 [9] 1993 Japanese release with 3 bonus tracks, now included in reissues.
Allan Holdsworth Hard Hat Area [10] 1993
Allan Holdsworth Just For The Curious 1993 Included with instructional book. Not available as a separate album.
Allan Holdsworth None Too Soon [11] 1996 Album of jazz standards.
Allan Holdsworth I.O.U. Live 1997 This release was not authorized by Allan, and subsequently pulled off the market.
Allan Holdsworth The Sixteen Men Of Tain [12] 2000 This album was also released as a Special Edition in 2003, with two bonus tracks that are included on subsequent reissues.
Allan Holdsworth Flat Tire [13] 2001 Mostly a solo SynthAxe album.
Allan Holdsworth All Night Wrong[14] 2002 Live album.
Allan Holdsworth Group Then! [15] 2003 Live album. Nominally, this is credited to the "Allan Holdsworth Group". Japanese version has "Funnels" bonus track.
Allan Holdsworth Against The Clock [16] [17] 2005 Compilation album with two previously unreleased tracks.
Allan Holdsworth Tales From The Vault [18] 2016 This album was released through Pledge Music, and is currently unavailable.
Allan Holdsworth Eidolon [19] 2017 Compilation, with Jack Bruce vocals on "Road Games".
Allan Holdsworth The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever [20] 2017 Box Set with Japanese live version of "Funnels".
Allan Holdsworth Live In Japan 1984 [21] 2018 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.
Allan Holdsworth Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98 [22] 2019 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.
Allan Holdsworth Frankfurt '86 [23] 2020 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.
Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen '97 [24] 2021 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.
Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen 2010 [25] 2021 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.
Allan Holdsworth Jarasum International Jazz Festival 2014 [26] 2022 Posthumous CD/DVD live album.

Duo albums and Allan as a co-leader.

These albums fall into two categories. Allan released two duo albums with Gordon Beck. Two live albums have also been released with Allan as a featured artist, credited to Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip and Wackerman, that are as close to solo albums as you get. The group members all have been members of Allan's solo band, and the repertoire has also been played live with Allan's solo groups to a large extent.

Album artist Album name Year Comments
Allan Holdsworth & Gordon Beck The Things You See [27] 1981 Duo album
Allan Holdsworth & Gordon Beck With A Heart In My Song [28] 1989 Duo album, mostly SynthAxe
Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman Blues For Tony [29] 2009 Live album, featured artist.
Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman Proto-Cosmos (live album) [30] 2022 Posthumous live album, featured artist.